Class Schedule and Prices



For the beginner or the experienced plastic fabricator, we offer starter courses or refresher courses. Standard plastic fabrication courses including hot gas and extrusion welding of sheet as well as butt and socket fusion welding of pipe and welding of thermoplastic liners. Plastic welding training can be run at the customer’s facility or at our training facility at JP Plastics, Foxboro, MA.. Training can also be tailored to your individual company needs. Plastic Fabrication Training offers a Certificate of Attendance for the welding of thermoplastics.  Reference materials for plastic welding fabrication and plastic repairs, including Plastic tank design Software, Consulting and expert witness services are also available. 

 PLASTIC Fabrication Training SCHEDULE

The three day session is as follows:

Monday AM will be devoted to Plastic's theory and Plastic Welding Theory

Monday PM will be hands on plastic welding using the Hot Gas Welding Tools, welding Polypropylene.  We will begin to learn "what a good weld feels like and looks like."  We will run plastic welding beads on flat sheet stock, followed up by welding a simple single "V" weld utilizing multiple passes, and a fillet weld on Polypropylene.  

Tuesday AM we will continue with the Polypropylene welds welding another single "V", and Fillet weld, and then moving on to welding a Double "V" on Polypropylene.

Tuesday PM we will perform the same welds on PVC.  

Wednesday AM we will hot gas tack weld our samples to be extrusion welded, We will use the extruder to do both "butt welds" and "fillet welds"

Wednesday PM we will finish up the extrusion welds and have a theoretical review of the past three days.

The cost for the three days is $1550 

For those customers who are using HDPE we can substitute some of the PP or PVC for HDPE time.  For those customers who have a special need such as acrylics etc we will cover that on Wednesday/Thursday.
We do not use Fluoropolymers during this class as the classroom is not set up with the special ventilation necessary to weld these materials.

Special one and two day refresher classes can be conducted at the customer facility's either on the Thursday/Friday before the class or the Monday/Tuesday after the class.  These special sessions can be either/or/both hot gas and extrusion.  Or if the customer desires, we can complete training on special projects or Fluoropolymers.  These in-house classes can be arranged for 8 employees, and can be all hands on or hands-on plus theory.  Special pricing will be negotiated and must be paid for in advance. Equipment can also be provided.  The customer will be responsible for the welding rod, power, equipment, and materials to be welded.  If either is required for this course, prior arrangements must be made to have the materials in house.   Larry usually travels with his equipment.  

Larry's basic fees for in-house training are as follows: 

Travel fee: $1/mile (This cost is usually prorated between all the customer's being seen on any given trip) or actual airfare costs.

Larry's per Diem rate: $75.00 including travel days.
Lodging fee: approx $150/day (Larry will get a quote from the Hotel)
Per Student fee: $75/student (Managers, Supervisors, QA/QC are exempt from the per student fee. 

This fee only applies to any student getting a "Certificate of Training")
Per Day on Site $1,250/day Special rates for special projects can always be negotiated. 

The use of Larry's equipment is included in the Per Day Training fee and the travel fee.

For "IN HOUSE" training, please call Larry at the following number:   (630)-319-3480